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JT's Heroine Art

"There you are… Thanks for joining me here… I'll take a little peek inside this neat website and tell you all about it… Many see her as the best superherione ever created, an Amazon princess come out into the world to serve mankind as a protector. Her many daring adventures have been made into comic books, countless stories and a run on TV. I'm speaking of Wonder Woman truly one of the most beautiful and daring of superheroines.

In this artist's world, Wonder Woman takes on a completely new persona. She suffers greatly as this artist takes delight in tormenting her in a variety of ways. Wonder Woman finds herself captured by a powerful man. He uses her own lasso to take away her will turning her into his sex slave, a tale so many have longed for. The Amazon from Paradise Island is captured by aliens with a devious plan for the superheroine. Heightening her sex drive, they use Wonder Woman as a prime breeder, their eggs lodged in her womb to be incubated. There are many stories on this site that will bring you a different look on Wonder Woman. I really like Wonder Woman and these stories are really hot… It's all in this site for you to enjoy… This artist brings you every twisted story of Wonder Woman and her sex play adventures… I enjoyed taking a peek with you… I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


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